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Friday night, June, well-known Irish comedian Joanne McNally posted on Instagram who her boyfriend is.

Joanne met her boyfriend on a dating app. She posted a picture of them kissing and mentioned his name, @alanbyrne10. She finally took the post down.

The post says that while Joanne and the mystery man were together, she kissed him on the cheek.

After the news came out, both Joanne and Alan got rid of their profiles on the dating app Raya.

Joanne Mcnally is an actor, comedian, and writer who is 39 years old. She has been on shows like the Late Show, Afternoon Show, Two Tube, and many more. She writes for Stellar Magazine as well.

Who is Alan Byrne, Joanne McNally’s new boyfriend?

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The Irish model is Alan Byrne. After meeting Joanne on the dating app Raya, he began dating her.

Alan is known as the Diet Coke model because he was in a campaign for the drinks in 2014 that aired before the popular show Grey’s Anatomy.

Alan was well-known on social media and at events for a long time because of his work as a model and DJ.

Before dating Joanne Mcnally, the DJ dated Jayne Middlemiss and Sara Kavanagh, who were well-known for being on TV and modeling, respectively.

Joanna posted a picture of her boyfriend on Facebook while driving in Bray Seafront, Bray, Co. Wicklow.

During one of the comedian interviews, she joked that the two of them were engaged because neither of them was dating anyone else. Alan and Joanna’s relationship seems to be going well based on what she said about making up for her mistake.

Alan Byrne (Diet Coke Model) Age And Wikipedia

Alan Byrne became famous when he modeled for Diet Coke in 2014. He recently made headlines when he started dating Irish comedian Joanne McNally.

The model got to where he is now in his home country of Ireland. Alan lives in Dublin, Ireland, where he works as a DJ and model.

The DJ in Dublin is in his early 30s and is still working as a professional. As the international Diet Coke TV ad model, he has been in ads for different venues and bars.

When the Irish comedian was asked about her boyfriend, she said he was very mature and much older than the interviewer.

Alan hasn’t talked about his family in public. His posts on Twitter and Instagram don’t say anything about who he’s with.

Dublin DJ Alan Byrne, whose Instagram name is @alanbyrne 10, made their relationship public when a post about them went viral after being mentioned by Joanne.

Alan Byrne’s Net Worth

Alan Byrne is a DJ and a model from Dublin. In the past few years, he has been a model for different brands of products.

Alan’s net worth could be estimated based on his salary, which is between 55,000 and 94,000 pounds per year, which is the average income of a model in Ireland.

His net worth might be less than that of the model’s girlfriend, Joanna Macknelly, whose estimated net worth is 4.3 Million USD. Still, we can be sure that the Irish model makes a lot of money from modeling and lives in style.

Taking into account his job as a DJ, he makes more money than most models. Based on the research, we can say that the Dublin model and DJ make between 150 and 200 thousand pounds per year.

The Dublin DJ is in his early 30s and is working hard to make a living in music and modeling. He has made a lot of money and has a high net worth from his work as the international Diet Coke TV model in a number of ads for events and clubs.

Alan seems to enjoy his hobby by spending the money on horse races, concerts, and, most of all, getting in shape.

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