For years, we’ve all seen terrible stock photos all over the internet. The photos appear to be staged and staged. You’re not the only one who notices how bad these photos are. However, Matt Vescovo, an animator and writer based in Los Angeles, California, decided to do something hilarious about it. He’s become an expert at stock photo bombing! What he created is hilarious, magical, and simply amazing. You’ll understand what we mean. Just try not to smile when you look at these.

The disgruntled businessman

It’s now the frustrated businessman, with a terrified coworker lurking behind him.

A fun trip to the beach.

A creepy stranger in the background has now joined them.

I’m at the top of the world!

He’s now at the bottom of the world.

It’s time for an office meeting.

Okay, then!

The Stock Photobomber
The Stock Photobomber

Nothing beats capturing a romantic photograph while on vacation.

The Stock Photobomber
The Stock Photobomber

Kisses are awesome!

Just lying in bed, thinking about how wonderful life is

Oh man! I’m hoping she used deodorant

Despite the fact that they are both present, this is a rather lonely image

At the very least, he brightened the mood

Before the birthday party:

And there’s the creepy uncle in a tank top with a beer at the kid’s birthday party. I believe we all have a guy like this in our family

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