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The TikTok program cannot be used on users’ own devices, according to a recent order from Montana in the United States. The decree was signed by the governor of Montana, Greg Gianforte, and it will go into force on January 1st, 2024.

Therefore, the primary justification for such a prohibition is that social media programs may pose a security risk since they allow the Chinese government to collect user data. Despite the fact that TikTok has been outlawed in a number of American jurisdictions, Montana is the first American state to outlaw all user devices.

Below is a chart depicting the states that have banned the use of TikTok in the US.

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A chart showing how the TikTok app has been banned in US states. (Note that this is an updated post as of the 18th of this month) Source: CNN.COM

Arguments and other legal actions regarding the legislation presented in this way have been taken by various parties in the context of a ban being placed on TikTok. In order to contest the choice, TikTok has initiated legal action against the state of Montana. They contend that a ban on a social networking program would curtail the rights of thousands of users to express their own opinions.

The critics draw attention to the fact that it is difficult to predict with certainty if this law will be enforced in the future and that it may be amended as a result of the influence of different parties.

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