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OpenAI began offering the ChatGPT App for smartphones by releasing the ChatGPT App for iOS users.

Additionally, ChatGPT offers a number of amenities that are free to use, and ChatGPT Plus can be accessed via the app if necessary. According to the OpenAI company’s statement regarding the iOS app, this app offers a variety of services like instant replies, tailored advice, creative inspiration, professional input, learning possibilities, etc. All of these capabilities will also be available in an Android app, which will be available in the meantime. can be anticipated.

We informed you that the iOS version of the ChatGPT app from the OpenAI Company was now available. In light of this, it can be said that they are prepared to release the ChatGPT app for Android users in the near future.

Furthermore, they added that they will soon be ready to formally offer the ChatGPT App for Android customers in the same announcement. As soon as the ChatGPT app for Android is available, we will let you know.

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