Since the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is over, court records that had been kept secret have been made public.

In them, a lot of new facts about the famous couple have been revealed.

Including a pretty personal detail about Depp’s private life.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few months, you probably know that Depp recently won the trial against his ex-girlfriend, Amber Heard, for domestic abuse.

But it doesn’t look like the troubles are completely over.

When that happened, Depp said in a statement that the jury had given him his life back.

Heard can’t say the same thing.

But where did everything start?

At first, it seemed like this couple was on the path to a good relationship.

After meeting on the set of The Rum Diary in 2011, the actor began dating Amber Heard, an actress and model from Texas. This was right after he broke up with his long-term girlfriend, Vanessa Paradis.

In 2014, they said they were getting married…

They didn’t want to waste any time, so they got married quickly in February 2015, just one year after they met.

But this is where things began to go a little ship-shaped.

Their honeymoon was over pretty quickly, though, because just a few months after they got married, Depp hurt his hand when he “smashed bottles and windows” during a fight with his wife.

Over the next year, there were more and more reports of abuse between the two…

So it wasn’t a big surprise when Heard asked for a divorce in March 2016, only 15 months after the couple had said: “I do.”

At first, the divorce didn’t seem strange…

Many news outlets said that Heard had filed for divorce because of “irreconcilable differences.

But after only a few months of being apart…

Heard got a restraining order against Depp because she said he had hurt her in the past.

It was a big thing to say…

So, people were surprised when Heard took back what she had said just one day before the hearing.

Even so, Depp’s actions made everyone hate him.

Heard said that the actor had hit her more than once, and she even showed a video of him throwing a glass of wine across the room when he was angry.

In 2018, the actress wrote an article for The Washington Post in which she talked about being abused and violent at home.

She didn’t name Depp by name in her opinion piece, but she did talk about the time when “two years ago, I became a public figure representing domestic abuse, and I felt the full force of our culture’s wrath for women who speak out.

There were a lot of people who helped Heard…

Who was even given the title of “Ambassador for Women’s Issues” by the American Civil Liberties Union?

And, even though he denied all the accusations against him, he…

Because of the ongoing scandal, Depp’s career took a hit.

Depp was getting less and less work from directors…

And his part in The Crimes of Grindelwald, the second part of J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts series, was heavily criticized.

And in 2018, he was no longer Captain Jack Sparrow, a role he was known for.

Just 4 days after Heard’s bad article, Disney announced that the actor would no longer be in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. This was a huge blow to his career.

Then, though, things changed quickly.

Depp sued Heard for $50 million for slandering him, and he showed proof that he was the one being mean to him and not the other way around.

Surprisingly, the actor said that he had been wronged the whole time.

In Depp’s defamation lawsuit, it said, “The op-ed [Heard’s article] was based on the main idea that Ms. Heard was a victim of domestic abuse and that Mr. Depp beat her up.”

All of Heard’s claims were also called “categorically and demonstrably false” in the lawsuit.

And wrote down all the ways Heard is said to have hurt her since they got married, including punching, kicking, and setting up attacks.

The accusations are hard to understand.

She punched, kicked, and hit me. “She also threw heavy bottles, soda cans, burning candles, TV remote controls, and cans of paint thinner into my body and head over and over again, hurting me very badly,” his lawsuit said.

And to make the actress’s name and reputation even worse…

The Daily Mail got a recording of her saying that she had attacked Depp and that recording was made public.

The case was hard…

Then, Depp went to court for his libel case against The Sun newspaper. He is suing them over an article from 2018 that called him a “wife-beater.”

During the three-week trial, the two people were in court.

While in court, both sides acted pretty dirty. They showed photos of each other that showed them in a bad light, which blew everything out of the water again. With the proof came, of course, more accusations.

Even so, Depp lost the case, which was a huge loss and bad for his reputation…

So he decided to try again to prove his innocence.

Depp and his legal team were determined to prove that the pictures Heard used in the case were fakes…

To make it look like he was mistreating her over and over again when Depp says it was really the other way around.

Page Six reports that lawyers working on the case say that Heard changed photos to make it look like she had two black eyes…

She said that he had attacked her in 2015.

Benjamin Chew, Depp’s lawyer, said, “Ms. Heard’s lawyer has used these fake photos in a deposition more than once.

He also said that he thinks the LAPD “disavowed” the photos that were given to the court before and that they “did not show what they saw.”

Chew said that when the LAPD checked, they “found no injuries on Ms. Heard and no damage to the penthouses.”

Ms. Heard and her friends then made up photos that she used to get an ex parte TRO [temporary restraining order] and a $7 million divorce settlement, which she lied in London she gave to the ACLU and, more scandalously, to sick children with cancer at the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles,” he said.

Chew concluded that someone “doctored those photographs.

“This means that Ms. Heard or someone working for her changed those pictures three years later. When that came up in her London testimony, Ms. Heard lied and said it didn’t happen. In short, Your Honor, Mr. Neumeister can’t properly judge or check Ms. Heard’s data without forensic imaging,” Chew said.

Depp sued Heard for defamation, saying that what she said about him during their fight hurt his reputation.

Heard decided to sue him back, which is why so many famous people, like Kate Moss, Paul Bettany, and Elon Musk, have been brought into the case.

Depp testified on April 19, and he talked about how he stood up for his kids and said he didn’t hit Heard in any way.

People came together to help the actor.

LADbible says that when Depp took the stand at the Fairfax County courthouse, he called Heard’s claims “heinous and disturbing.

He said that what she said about him was “criminal acts that had nothing to do with the truth.”

Depp then said that he had never hit Heard or any other woman in his life.

“I never got to the point where I wanted to hit Miss Heard, and I’ve never hit a woman in my life,” he told the court. “Since I knew it wasn’t true, I felt it was my duty to stand up for myself and my kids.”

Depp then went on to talk about how the accusations affected his children.

I thought it was horrible that my kids would have to go to school and have to deal with their friends or other people at school showing them the famous People Magazine cover with Miss Heard’s face covered in a dark bruise,” he said.

The actor said that he was “very private” and that “to come up here and sit in front of you all and spill the truth is quite exposing, and it’s unfortunate that it’s not only exposing for myself, but it’s also exposing for my family, and it never had to go this way.”

He also said that his goal is “the truth” and that he isn’t embarrassed because “I know I’m doing the right thing.”

Depp went back to the stand and talked more about his time with Amber Heard, who used to be his wife.

There have been confessions about how he cut off one of his fingers, audio recordings of fights, and text messages that show he has horrible thoughts.

On Tuesday, November 26, Depp gave his final testimony, and he got a lot of support online.

Fans were very vocal about supporting Depp for being himself, which many people thought hurt Heard.

Heard then took the stand again and talked about how her career and mental health have been affected by the trial with Depp.

She said that since the defamation trial began, she has been “harassed, put down, and threatened every single day.”

“Every day, people tell me they want to kill me,” Heard said.

During the cross-examination, Camile Vasquez, Depp’s lawyer, talked about Heard’s supposed lies and got into a heated exchange with her.

In the last few days of the trial, Heard’s lawyers went to great lengths to try to show that Depp is a violent person.

After everyone heard the last arguments from both sides, it was up to the jury to decide what the truth was.

And in the end, they made their choice.

The jury decided that Depp won the defamation case after hearing evidence for weeks.

BBC News says that Depp was given $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages.

Heard must have been very hurt by this.

Who still thinks the trial should have gone her way?

Amber Heard spoke up right away.

In an interview with Savannah Guthrie of NBC News, the star spoke out against the trial verdict for the first time.

Heard said very strongly that having social media involved in the trial was “not fair.”

“Even if you think I’m lying and that I deserve all this hate and vitriol, you still couldn’t look me in the eye and tell me that you think what’s been said about me on social media has been fair,” Heard said in the TODAY interview. “You can’t tell me that you think this is right.”

When asked why the jury didn’t believe her testimony and the evidence she gave, Heard said she didn’t understand, but she also showed a surprising amount of sympathy for the jury.

“I’m not mad at them. I understand. I really do get it. People like him, and they feel like they know him,” Heard said. “He’s a great performer.”

But she didn’t just talk about the jury in her interview. She also said bad things about the people who testified for Depp, which got her into trouble quickly.

She called the people who testified for Depp “randos” when she talked about them.

Almost right away, a lot of people turned to social media…

Amber Heard calling people like Kate Moss random witnesses is the funniest and most offensive thing I’ve seen today.” One person said, “You’re not helping yourself here.”

“‘How could they come to a conclusion?

“Amber, that’s why they were there.” Don’t you understand how it works? ” asked someone else sarcastically.

“Amber Heard: ‘I heard that JD pushed Kate Moss down the stairs.’ Kate Moss: ‘That never happened.’ Amber Heard: ‘What’s with all these weirdos? Why did she talk? ‘” somebody else joked.

Heard talked about how the jury didn’t believe her in the interview…

Guthrie of NBC News said in a preview of the interview, “The jury looked at the evidence you presented and listened to your testimony, and they did not believe you.” They thought you were making things up.”

Heard’s answer made it clear that she thinks Depp’s acting is why she lost…

Heard asked the jury, “How could they come to a decision?” How could they not understand that? They had sat in those seats and listened for three weeks to nonstop, relentless testimony from paid employees and, towards the end of the trial, “randos,” as I call them.

Savannah also talked about the First Amendment, which Heard thinks is a right she lost because of the verdict.

“Here’s the deal with the First Amendment: it protects freedom of speech. It doesn’t protect lies that are the same as slander, and that was the problem in this case, Savannah told Heard.

“That was all I said. And I told those in charge,” Heard said in response.

“I paid the price for it.”

Heard said in the first half of the interview, “I will stand by every word of my testimony until the day I die.”

Savannah told Heard about some of the audio recordings that were used against her in court: “I am looking at a transcript that says, ‘He says, ‘You start physical fights,’ and you say, ‘I did start a physical fight. “I can’t promise you I won’t get physical again,” Savannah said. “This is written in black and white.” I know what’s going on. But now you’re testifying and telling me, “I never started a physical fight,” but on tape, you say you did.”

Amber replied, “As I said in court when your life is in danger, you will not only take the blame for things you shouldn’t take the blame for, but you will also take the blame for things you shouldn’t take the blame for.

“But when you’re in a mentally, emotionally, and physically abusive relationship, you don’t have the same tools that, say, you or I do to say, “Hey, this is black and white,” she said.

“Because it’s not like that at all when you live there.”

Savannah then said, “You’re testifying and telling me today, “I never started a physical fight,” but here you are on tape saying you did.”

Heard tells her that “20-second clips or transcripts of them don’t tell the whole story of the two or three hours they come from.”

Her comments have gotten her in trouble, and that’s exactly what she’s afraid of when she speaks out.

Savannah asked Heard, “Are you nervous about what you can say today since we’re all here?”

Heard said, “Of course, I thought it was my right to speak, so I didn’t think about it.”

Savannah then asked her if she was afraid that Depp would sue her again because she had talked to her.

Heard told Savannah, “No matter what I say or how I say it, every step I take will be another chance for this kind of silencing, which is, I guess, what a defamation lawsuit is supposed to do.”

She also said that the purpose of the lawsuit for defamation is to “take your voice.”

Savannah then asked her, “There’s a text message from Johnny that says he’ll make you look bad all over the world.” Do you think that happened? ”

GettyImages 1241042305.jpg
Getty Image

“He told me he would do it, and I can prove it,” Heard said. “I know I’m not a good victim. I’m not a nice victim, and I’m not perfect, but when I testified, I asked the jury to just see me as a person and hear what he said, which is a promise to do this. It seems like he has.”

When Dateline aired the full interview, texts that Heard is said to have sent to her father and therapist were made public.

Heard wrote in a text message from December 16, 2015, to the person she says was her therapist, “Johnny did a number on me tonight.” I’m safe and have someone with me tonight, but I really need some help. Can I come the next day? I called earlier because I thought I had a concussion and didn’t know if I should have called the police. But I’m close to a nurse. “

She wrote this in another message that was reportedly sent to Heard’s father:

“I always don’t fight back. He kicked me in front of everyone on the plane and called me a *. It’s humiliating.”

Many people who have been following the trial and what has happened since continue to say that Amber Heard should just give up.

Since the full interview is now public, Depp’s people have said something about what she said.

It says, “While Johnny wants to move on with his life, the defendant and her team are back to repeating, reimagining, and re-litigating things that have already been decided by the court and a verdict that was unanimously and clearly in Johnny’s favor by a jury.”

But it looks like Heard’s representatives have seen this message and replied.

So far as I can tell, they also want Depp to do an interview.

And even suggested that he sit down with Savannah “for an hour.”

The Hollywood Reporter says that Heard’s representatives then replied to the statement by saying:

“If Mr. Depp or his team have a problem with this, we suggest that Johnny sit down with Savannah Guthrie for an hour and answer all her questions.”

Since then, Heard has been back in the news, and many articles have said that she wants a second trial.

On Friday, July 8, documents were filed in Virginia that say the wrong person was on the jury at the recent defamation trial.

They say that the 52-year-old was on the jury for the whole trial, and because of this, they want the verdict to be thrown out.

The document says, “Based on newly discovered facts and information, Juror No. 15 was not the person who was called for jury duty on April 11, 2022.” This means that Juror No. 15 was not on the jury panel and could not have properly served on the jury at this trial. ” So, there should be a mistrial and a new trial should be ordered.

“In this case, the Jury Panel List included a person named [redacted] who was born in 1945 and lived in [redacted], Virginia.”

“This means that the person would have been 77 years old at the time of the trial.” The 52-year-old who had been on the jury for six weeks was never called for jury duty on April 11 and did not show up on the list as required.

Because of this, Heard’s team is hoping that the trial will be thrown out so that another one can be held.

But the judge has since said there won’t be a new trial, and Heard will have to pay Depp the $8 million in damages that were agreed upon.

But her insurance company just told her that they probably won’t pay for all of the damage.

The latest news, though, is that Depp and Heard’s case does not appear to be over.

After Heard’s counterclaim against one of Depp’s lawyers was also upheld, the court said that Depp must pay Heard $2 million in damages.

Depp’s team is now trying to file an appeal of their own, arguing that he shouldn’t have to pay Heard $2 million.

They filed a claim that says, “Plaintiff and counterclaim-defendant John C. Depp II, by counsel, hereby appeals to the court of appeals of Virginia from all adverse rulings and from the final judgment order of this circuit court entered on June 24, 2022.”

Will it ever end?

Most likely not, since Johnny Depp’s lawyer has now said more than ever…

Talking about why Depp filed an appeal against the appeal filed by his ex-wife Amber Heard…

In other news, a person close to Depp told PEOPLE that the Pirates of the Caribbean actor’s appeal result was “overwhelmingly positive.”

They also told the news organization that everyone should “get on with their lives and get better.”

Also, the insider told some juicy details about how Depp’s legal team will not back down if Heard decides to go after the actor again.

“But if Ms. Heard is determined to go to court again by appealing the verdict, Mr. Depp will file a parallel appeal to make sure that the Court of Appeal looks at the full record and all relevant legal issues,” said the source.

And Camille Vasquez hasn’t changed her mind about talking about the second appeal…

In an interview with Gayle King that aired on CBS Mornings, Vasquez said that Depp’s legal team “should have known” that Heard would file an appeal.

Since the Aquaman actress “suggested” she lost the trial, she said she would appeal.

King then asked Vasquez if she and her legal team “had a plan of action.” The lawyer replied:


“Mr. In the end, Depp filed his own appeal so that the court could see the whole story.

“And [Heard] wants to keep going to court over this,” she said. “We have to look out for our client’s best interests.”

But that’s not all. The lawyer also said, “Both sides should move on now…”

Vasquez said, “We just hope that the court will uphold the verdict, which we think was the right verdict, and let both sides move on.”

When she was asked if they would have appealed if Heard hadn’t, the smart lawyer quickly answered, “Yes. “That’s a very good point.”

Even though Vasquez said that their appeal was “standard legal procedure,” the actor’s lawyer said that the case was “never about the money.”

“For Mr. Depp, this was never about the money.”

“But, as his representative, we have to respond to the appeal with his own appeal in order to protect his interests,” the lawyer said.

Since then, things have gotten worse for Heard. She had to sell her California desert home in Yucca Valley.

Getting $1.05 million for it.

TMZ broke the news, and while it’s not clear why she sold the house,…

Some people think it might be to help pay for the money she owes.

Heard has said in the past that she can’t pay the $8.35 million.

So maybe this is why she’s moving.

On top of that, Heard is now saying that Depp’s “defamatory statements” about her cost her millions of dollars.

Variety says that Heard has lost between “$47 million and $50 million” because of Depp’s “defamatory statements against her.”

Reports, which could not be used in court, came to this conclusion because Heard’s career was on the rise.

According to the New York Post, entertainment industry consultant Kathryn Arnold said, “At that point, not only was she a good actor, but she was also famous all over the world because she was in the most successful film… for DC Comics.”

“It was the perfect time for her career to take off,” he said.

During their divorce, she was also said to be owed “tens of millions of dollars” by Depp for his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, but she turned the money down.

Along with her problems with money, the recently unsealed court documents have also revealed important details about the case.

Jennifer Howell, who is Whitney Heard’s boss and a friend, says that Heard’s sister admitted to cutting Depp’s finger.

Howell told Vasquez at the time, “I was sitting right where I am right now because I was sitting at my desk at work.” So I was right here at my computer, working, in the zone, responding, and doing whatever I was doing.

“Right over there, at the time, there were two black-and-white chairs with a table between them.” Whitney was in one of the chairs with black and white stripes.

“There’s also an exit door right there, and she just yelled, “She’s done it now!” She yelled, “She cut off his God-damn finger!” and made a big deal out of it. And I sat back in my chair. I was like, ‘What? ‘”

She went on to say,”And she says, ‘She cut off his finger. She cut off his finger.’ Then she ran out of the room, saying, “I have to call someone.” I need to talk to someone.’

“Then she left the house and called someone. I have no idea who she called. It was said that.”

Heard still says it’s not true.

But in the court papers, Heard’s lawyers revealed something pretty private about Depp…

He said that he might have been mean to Heard because he couldn’t get an erection.

“Even though Mr. Depp doesn’t want to talk about his erectile dysfunction, it has everything to do with the fact that he was angry and used a bottle to rape Amber Heard,” the documents said.

They also said that his problems made it “more likely” that he would get “angry or upset” and “turn to a bottle” to calm down.

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