Nobody has a more artistic eye when it comes to using Photoshop than James Fridman. While he is skilled at retouching images, he is less meticulous about adhering to his client’s requests. That’s how he came up with his wonderfully bizarre inventions. So feel free to ask him to Photoshop one of your pictures, but please do so at your peril!

Height variations

If James has anything to say about it, height-diverse couples will always be endearing and humorous. Although we can appreciate the desire to appear larger than they are, there are simpler methods available. His outfit is now ruined!

A sneak peek of the future

Is this an altered image or a look at a future when environmental destruction has become commonplace? Even if James’ intended message isn’t exactly as profound as we think it is, the outcome is nonetheless horrifying. For the benefit of all people, the girl might as well just keep the guy watering the plants.

Just a slight breeze, really…

A little wind can ruin an otherwise romantic photo. Thankfully, James knew exactly how to get around this particular inconvenient gust. Now, no one ever has to know just how windy it was that day. One look at this pic, and they’ll probably have a much different question in mind… 

The joyful couple

Despite having a green screen and being prepared, James’ Photoshop talents failed to save these two. We hope the homecoming dance was enjoyable for this happy couple! And when we refer to a “happy pair,” we are undoubtedly referring to the child and the green screen.

Metal, right there

It’s probably not a good idea to ask James to spice up your appearance if you want to appear “more metal,” that is, more intimidating and scary. This band discovered that lesson the hard way when their request resulted in them serving as The Wizard of Oz’s understudies.

This is style.

This woman requested James if he could put a sack on her right hand for whatever reason. Although the one he chose may not be ultra-chic, we still believe it looks terrific! Consider how much would likely fit in that rubbish bag if she tried. She’s obviously in the correct place, as seen by the lovely dumpster background.

An unfriendly stranger

James is to blame for the much-odd transformation of this wonderful picture of a young couple. In actuality, they resemble brothers more than a couple, with a random guy tossed in for good measure. We can only hope that the unidentified guy is that girl’s close friend. Otherwise, he should be given a shin kick.

In the event of lightning

What would make this picture cooler, the guys in this picture reasoned? There’s a storm! They’re not mistaken; the initial image would unquestionably be outdone by an amazing lightning strike that decimates half the dock. We can only hope that the men weren’t on the pier when the bolt fell in James’ account of what happened.

Oneself alone

The stylish man on the right asked James to edit this picture to make him the only person in it. He did, in fact, receive what he requested—he just needs to strain to see it! Never before has a picture so perfectly expressed FOMO (fear of missing out). His small, hazy face is covered in it.

No watermark, no problem

James’ art has a recurring subject of taking requests from people very seriously. The only thing this guy asked James to do was take the watermark off the image. That’s exactly what he did, to be fair! However, we’re confident the guy in the picture had anticipated that his mouth would endure the procedure.

For both good and evil

If you use Photoshop properly, it’s a terrific tool for eliminating flaws and photobombers. James, on the other hand, absolutely adores using the editing tool maliciously, as this woman’s potential profile picture shows. As he turned the picture bomber’s head into a rock, we nearly heard him chuckle.

Between 17 and 71

James excels at more than just photo editing. He has the capacity to bend space and time. That is the only explanation for how this woman went from being 17 to being 71 years old. However, we’re confident that many people would prefer it if he de-aged their image rather than the other way around.

A dangerous man

This person has an edge-of-the-world appearance. He asked James to give him a more “scary” appearance, and we have to admit that we’re starting to feel a bit threatened! We are very uneasy when we wear sandals for whatever reason. The tube socks, too! There isn’t much more craziness than that.

He complied with her requests.

She urged James to take away the fun drink since she thought it made the shot “clumsy.” She actually said to “remove the glass,” so perhaps she could have been a little clearer. She spilled her drink, but we don’t think that makes her look less clumsy!

As classy as it gets

This girl requested a somewhat more elegant formal portrait, and James certainly complied. What could be more elegant than a pile of greasy pizza boxes? Nothing, in our opinion—and we’re not sure about yours—screams “prom queen” like khaki pants and a baby blue Domino’s shirt. She would undoubtedly take home the crown if she brought all those pizzas to her prom!

Beef to be avoided

Warning: vegetarians! James wasn’t invited to participate in this edit. A image of a girl playing with some cows that may have been adorable has been changed into a horror movie—for the animals, that is. They have every reason to be standing thus far away from the girl. And that steak gives her cheerful grin a whole new meaning.

Increasing the picture

Why remove a portion of a photograph when you can enhance it? James certainly lives by that, as evidenced by the altered image. The queen of Photoshop was asked to remove the stair rail from the picture, but he chose to take a different angle. Much more entertaining is an upside-down watering can!

There’s a gaping hole…

James’ photo-editing abilities may occasionally be downright spooky. Take this image, for instance. The woman requested that James remove one arm from the image so that it wouldn’t appear like she was “missing an arm,” but James complied by removing both arms. People with keen eyes can also detect another item missing from the table.

Even awkwarder

All that was required to fix this slightly awkward snapshot of a woman and her boyfriend was to photoshop them standing closer together. Unfortunately for them, James did the photoshop work, so the final product was much awkwarder than the original!

A lovely city

This guy requested James, “Could you make the city more in focus?” Sure, James said, but you haven’t been paying attention if you think that “sure” wasn’t meant as sarcasm. His favorite self-portrait became a stunning image of the city with a hazy blob in the foreground.

The third time is a charm

It’s amazing how far some people will go to get the perfect shot. The initial try at a picture by this family went wrong because the phone was too close to the ground. But it might be argued that their second try through James was even worse! They ought to have stayed with the original option.

What a lovely garden.

James agreed to a woman’s request to add her and her partner via photoshop to a photograph of a garden. If you could only see them! James’ comedy might be quite obvious at times, but in this instance, he’s all about the little things.

Boxer vs. boxer

It’s easy to assume that this woman had in mind a different kind of boxer, but hey, things could be worse! Who wouldn’t want to own such a cute dog? Yes, in an ideal world the couple would have a dog and live happily ever after. But we’re merely residing in James’ bizarre universe.

Not too bushy

Nothing is more upsetting than noticing your ex in a picture of you that is otherwise favorable. All this girl asked was for James to take out her ex-boyfriend from the picture, but we don’t think she anticipated him to swap him out for a bush that looks like a guy! However, we believe that they are a cute couple.

What a terror!

Ahh!! James was instructed to make the background of the picture spookier, so he did just that. Now it appears like she will be walking through a scary forest full of grownup responsibilities with a green-faced Grim Reaper. Gasp! We are unable to look!

From basic to stylish

This man has a rather deer-in-headlights appearance, and it is simple to understand why. He probably didn’t anticipate that his decent, everyday suit would change into something more sexier. Even though James was making fun of the new style, we really of like it. The person to the right looks like the life of the party!

Once more, the master of Photoshop succeeds

What a lovely picture of the happy couple! If something — or someone — were to wreck it, it would be a great shame. Okay, James? There are worse things than a bothersome pole being in the center of a photo, as the master of Photoshop delightfully demonstrates. Imagine, for instance, that the newlyweds are under the tent when it collapses.

Consider it fixed!

A word of caution: when you ask James to “fix” a photo for you, make sure you tell him exactly what you mean by “fix.” But we really like how he changed this picture. This guy and Darth Vader are so cute together.

What a bad boy!

As we looked at this picture, a chill just went down our spines. This guy is as bad as it gets. We wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley with his scary unicorn tattoo and dangerous fanny pack. And the way he smiles when he breaks the rules is downright scary!

A good laugh

Healthcare workers are the ones who need to laugh the most right now. And this funny picture shows that James is more than capable of switching out his sarcastic Photoshop jokes for ones that are more fun. Real life should have masks like these. Everyone could use a few more smiles.

He loves Calvin Klein a lot.

Did Calvin Klein pay for this Photoshop work himself? Because, no matter what she does, this poor girl can’t seem to get away from the designer’s logo. She thought James would be able to cut the logo out of the picture, but then he “revealed” that her boyfriend had a Calvin Klein tattoo on his chest. Now that’s loyalty to a brand.

Somebody stop him!

We don’t think anyone will forget the strange pandemic any time soon, but this couple wanted to remember it in their wedding photos by wearing face masks. And the Photoshop king came through, but not in the way the couple probably thought he would. As we type, we can almost hear James say, “Someone stop me!”

No more sun

Hot take: We actually like this picture of the girl with the sun in her face. Still, she wanted to cut out the sun rays, and James of course went all the way with her request. He told her, “No more sun for you.” And since she turned into a snow lady when the photo was edited, she hasn’t seen much sun in a while.

A tragic tale

James is not just good at making changes to photos. Oh no, he also tells stories. In this piece of art, the story is sad: the girl dumps her smiley boyfriend for the older man in the background because she’s tired of him. So, the boyfriend has nothing to do but mope behind the happy couple. Give James a Pulitzer!

Love yourself

This is exactly why you should try to love yourself as you are. This girlfriend tried to make her boyfriend’s feet look smaller (who cares? ), but James quickly fixed her mistake. When you compare his feet to hers, they look so small! Think of this as a lesson you’ve learned.

A “no-brainer”

Sometimes, James is like a genie. If you aren’t clear about what you want, you will end up having to pay for it. When this girl asked James to get rid of the boy in the background from behind her head, he did just that… by cutting off her head. James himself said that this change was “obvious.”

And zoom…

The woman is right. It really does look like a beautiful morning in the picture. All she wanted James to do was zoom in a little bit on the picture so that both she and the beautiful view would be in it. Well, he zoomed, alright… and zoomed… and zoomed…

Simple and funny.

Sometimes, the smallest changes make the biggest difference. This is a great example of how James’ skills with Photoshop can be used for both good and bad. He could have just cropped out the lamp, but he didn’t. Instead, we get a great visual joke that will last forever.

A frightening change

Another day, another person asked James to edit something but didn’t tell him enough about it. If this woman is to blame for what happened to her boyfriend, it’s her own fault. She should have asked James to get rid of the guy who wasn’t holding her waist. You learn by living.

Love is Shrek…

People say that Shrek can make anything better. When this girl asked James to add “a little more green” to the photo, he had this in mind. We’re sure she would have liked more trees or plants in the background, but Shrek himself makes the photo go from good to great.

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