Unless Michael Jackson personally invited you, you could never go inside Neverland Ranch. Fans only got snippets and glimpses of what went on inside the famous house, and only a few people knew what really happened inside. But after Jackson died, Neverland was opened to the public. There are also some pictures that show how the strange entertainer really lived.

Jackson’s dream place

Jackson loved Neverland Ranch because it was a place where he could live out all his dreams. It could have been a place to make up for the childhood he never had, or it could have been a way to find happiness in a world of fame and misunderstandings.

Personal carnival

The ranch used to be home to many different kinds of animals. Of course, they’re long gone. When Jackson died, the rides and games were still there, but they had lost all their glory and were dirty and broken.

In its prime

But when Neverland was at its best, the fun was huge and lasted forever. On the ranch, kids had the time of their lives. One of them was Macaulay Culkin, who played Kevin in the movie Home Alone.

Like Disney

The ranch was almost like a small version of Disney World. It had a lawn that looked like the Alice in Wonderland area at Disney. When you were too tired to play, a tiny train would take you all over the property.

Wonderful pool

Aside from the rides, there was also a pool featuring two diving boards where folks could cool off from the burning California sun. Here, MJ could get to interact with his guests on a closer level than when they were running around the amusement park.

Deluxe grill

There was even a place to grill outside! After a long day of swimming, rides, animals, and who knows what else, we bet that some burgers would have hit the spot for hungry visitors.

Shut down

Under investigation

Investigators went to Jackson’s ranch in 2003 after a number of accusations were made against him. This was the start of the end of the fun at Neverland, and it may have been the start of the end for Jackson as well.

Not growing up

Neverland wasn’t just the name of the amusement park, either. It was also what Jackson’s house was called. This came from the story Peter Pan, about a boy who would never grow up. Did MJ also see himself this way?

Legal limbo

But for a long time, the ranch was in a legal gray area. Then, in 2016, it went up for sale, but no one bought it. At least not for a while. In 2020, Ron Burkle, who is a friend of the Jackson family, finally bought the ranch.

Unusual art

But what was inside? Well, there was a big piece of art that showed Jackson himself in front of a long line of kids. Everyone looks happy because the sun is shining and balloons are bobbing in the air.

Lots of toys

But there were also a lot of scary things left behind, like a huge number of toys. Jackson might have kept them for his own pleasure, or he might have done it for the kids who used to play here.

An uncomfortable entrance

Even though Jackson wasn’t found guilty of what was said about him in court, some things on the property probably didn’t help his case. One doorknob has a picture of two kids kissing, which is an odd thing to put on a door.

Child statues

There were also statues of children all over the land. They are playing and seem to have no worries. You can almost picture real kids at Neverland doing the same thing right next to these works of art.

An impressive zoo

There was also a zoo, which wasn’t just a place to pet small animals. Tigers, giraffes, alligators, flamingos, and even an elephant lived here. Martin Dinnes, a vet, was given the job of finding out where all of Michael Jackson’s pets died.


Some people maintain a love of toy trains long after they reach adulthood. But Jackson loved trains so much that he actually had two of his own passenger trains to cart him around his ranch.

Concert hall

The King of Pop’s ranch had a full-size indoor concert hall, which was only natural. Even though it could hold more than a thousand people, it was never used for concerts. Since Jackson died, this area and the rest of Neverland have become even more creepy.

Sold off

Regarding the rides, Well, fairs and traveling shows took all of their money. If you go to Coney Island, you might see the Dragon Wagon kids’ roller coaster that Jackson used to have on his property.

Just eerie

But what was supposed to be a happy place for children is now full of mystery, darkness, and pain. Neverland will never be the same again, that’s for sure.

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