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The final layoffs have been organized; Image: Upload VR

Following a large recruiting frenzy in 2020, Meta revealed today that the business has started its third and last wave of layoffs. Even if the precise number of job losses is unknown, the impact is substantial because Dublin alone has 490 employees or almost 20% of all the workers in Ireland.

Several areas, including marketing, recruiting, engineering, and corporate communications, have been impacted by the current round of layoffs. It is part of Meta’s attempts to better balance its strategic emphasis and engineer-to-other-positions ratio.

Just one month ago, 4,000 workers were let go from a variety of positions as part of Meta’s continuous restructuring initiatives. In 2022, the corporation spent $13.7 billion in the metaverse, but given the state of the industry, it is now concentrating mostly on artificial intelligence.

The metaverse and artificial intelligence are prioritized by Meta, reflecting its strategic realignment. Despite being unfortunate, the layoffs are an essential measure to maintain Meta’s long-term competitiveness.

Overall, Meta continues to be a major participant in the technology sector and adjusts its approach to changing market dynamics. The company’s future is looking bright thanks to investments in the metaverse and a stronger focus on artificial intelligence as it works to maintain its position at the forefront of technological development.

In order for Meta to properly utilize its talent and resources and take advantage of the chances given, it must carefully assess its future moves. The capacity to innovate and adapt will be essential in a digital environment that is continuously developing.

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