Somerville, Massachusetts, is a small town that isn’t very well known, but there is a full-scale war going on there! A McDonald’s near me put up their latest billboard ad, which said, “2 egg muffins for $5, not a bad deal.” This was meant to be a harmless way to get people to come in. They didn’t know, though, that their most recent billboard would start a sign war with a nearby liquor store. The store in question, Sav-Mor, decided to beat McDonald’s most recent offer. Even now, the sign war is still going on. Check out the funny comments that have been made so far below.

The sign that got everything going Most people would think that the ad was harmless, but Sav-Mor Liquor saw it for what it really was. A mean thing to do!

So Sav-Mor came up with an even better deal. Even though it’s a liquor store, I’m not sure how they plan to make good on it.

No one, and I mean NO ONE, turns McDonald’s into a clown. Well, Ronald does.

They just made this into the “arch-enemy.” This is about to become a full-blown crisis, so the governor might want to think about calling in the national guard.

Who will be the first to give up?

Awwww. That was the whole point. Sav-Mor didn’t know how to tell McDonald’s how he really felt!

Businesses that have a sense of humor are always nice to see. I’d be very interested to know why Sav-Mor answered the McDonald’s sign in the first place. Even so, it’s likely something we’ll never know. Now that Sav-Mor has admitted how it really feels, hopefully, these two can live together in peace for the rest of their lives.

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