You must have heard of HTC, the world’s first Android and Windows smartphone manufacturer, formerly known as the “King of the Smart Phone World,” otherwise known as No. 1. Due to the collapse of the HTC brand due to various reasons, among other Android smartphone brands available in the market, we hardly get to hear and see the HTC smartphone brand.

According to the latest Twitter post released by the hTC company, it can be indicated that they are preparing to enter the market again with a smartphone of their hTC U Series.

However, according to this Teaser Video Clip, whether the upcoming hTC U Series Smart Phone will be a Flagship Device like the hTC U12+ Smart Phone that was last launched in 2018, or whether it will be a Mid Range Device like the hTC U20 5G that was launched in 2020. Although no details have been reported yet, it is reported that this is probably a Flagship Killer Smart Phone. Also, we can indicate that there is some connection here with Viverse, which is the hTC version of Metaverse. But in the year 2023, when AI makes the news, the Metaverse?

With this question, we hope to be able to bring you more information about the new hTC U Series Smart Phone in the future, how this series will be, and the possibility of successfully entering the hTC brand to buy an Android Smart Phone.

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