We all utilize one or more Google accounts in our daily lives these days. Frequently, it’s to acquire access to Google e-mail or for other reasons. The other Google Account we have, nevertheless, is frequently not utilized on a regular basis in addition to the Google Account that is typically used.

However, Google has modified its inactivity policy, and as a result, it has been determined to erase and remove the inactive Google account if it hasn’t been used for two years.

That is, starting yesterday (May 16), the new Inactivity Policy will be in effect, and starting in December of this year, Google Accounts that have not been used in the last two years will be removed or deleted. All of your data in Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, YouTube, and Google Photos, among other services, will be erased if you delete your Google Account. However, this new “inactivity policy” will not apply to any emails that you have that were supplied to you by your school or university.

They further add that before canceling the account, Melasa would send out a number of notifications. Your account will be deleted if you don’t respond correctly.

If you have Google Accounts that you don’t use much, how do you keep them active?

The easiest way to keep an inactive Google account active is to create a new account at least twice a year.

Using Google Drive, YouTube, Google Play, Google Search, and logging in with your Google Account for third-party apps and services are just a few other ways to keep your Google Account active. shall be

Additionally, your Google account is deemed active if you utilize Google One, News Publication, or any other Google service or app through a Google subscription.

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