A lot of people are interested in history, and for good reason. Everything from our past makes us who we are now. In 1883, there was a need for trade across Europe, which led to the creation of the Orient Express. The railway was a big project that crossed thousands of rough miles and made it easy and safe for people to travel from one end of Europe to the other. The railroad ran until the last train stopped for good in 2007. Over the years, many of the trains that used to run on the Orient Express have been taken out of service and either torn apart for scrap or left to rot. One of the few trains that are still around was found abandoned in a train yard. This gives us a look into the Orient Express’s luxurious past.

A photographer named Brian found the abandoned train in Belgium. He was drawn to it because of how beautiful it was.

The train started running in 1883, and it took people from Paris to Istanbul in very nice cabins.

By 2007, passenger trains were no longer used, and the Orient Express stopped making money. All of the trains on the Orient Express were stopped.

The Grand Orient Express is the only one of its kind, and mother nature is slowly taking it back.

The details on this train are beautiful, and you can tell that this was a trip for the rich more than a century ago. I can only think about how beautiful it would be to ride the Grand Orient Express across Europe.

Imagine the sights you’d see as you went over more than 1000 miles through the most beautiful parts of Europe. Sitting in a luxurious cabin with all of the best amenities at your disposal. I can only think about what it would be like and the stories that would be told. When you look at the rusty and falling apart walls of this beautiful piece of forgotten art, you can almost feel the vibrations and smell the smells of the past.

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