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Do you have a gamer at home? Maybe you’re that gamer. And maybe you’ve been looking for some inspiration on how to put together your ideal gaming setup. You’ve arrived at the right place. I scoured the internet for you and discovered 25 modern gaming room ideas that achieve an appealing fusion of technology and style.

Many gaming rooms appear to be a sea of neon, which my teen informs me is exactly what gamers prefer. However, the gaming space may not ‘fit’ with the overall decorating style of your home. However, it is possible to create a gaming environment that is not completely unsightly. This is especially critical if you do not have a dedicated gaming room. If you can’t keep all that gleaming plastic hidden away in a man cave or your teen’s bedroom, simply shut the door on all the fluoro! If your gaming setup will be part of your living room, it should be inviting and appealing to all users, not just the resident gamers.

1. Display your neon adoration

Many gamers are obsessed with RGB (all those brightly colored, flashing neon gaming elements). Gamers enjoy a room filled with neon lights because it enhances their gaming experience. Immersion is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when a gamer’s consciousness expands into a different state for a short period of time. It’s similar to hypnosis or lucid dreaming (now you know why your child has trouble hearing you yell “DINNER!”). Having a lot of light sources, from LED light strips to Nanoleaf lighting panels, may cause your energy bill to rise. However, it is certain to enhance the immersive experience that gamers seek. Multiple monitors are also essential for creating a truly immersive gaming environment.

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2. Use a white background.

The majority of gaming technology is still black these days, though gaming PCs frequently include glass walls that allow you to watch it all light up in RGB when in use. A popular combination of black and neon in gaming setups. So whitewashing the rest of your gaming room or bedroom is a good way to make everything stand out while still keeping things feeling spacious and clean.

3. Illuminate the shelving

Light features are common in many gaming rooms and keeping the rest of the room fairly neutral works well to truly show off the lighting. Sleek lighting effects are ideal for creating a futuristic atmosphere.

4. Make it a monochrome image.

A simple monochrome setup with a bean chair and ottoman looks nice and chill for a more mature gamer. A simple entertainment unit will suffice to keep the technology safe. Then simply add an assortment of interior plants to refresh the space and prevent it from feeling too clinical.

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5. Use downlights to add atmosphere.

Because many gaming rooms also serve as a place to display collectibles, having plenty of storage built into the space is essential. There’s also plenty of space for all of the physical gaming accouterments—games, extra controllers and consoles, and so on. Including downlights in custom shelving is both practical and useful for highlighting favorite collectibles.

6. Use grey tones.

Choose grey-toned furniture and a calming warm grey wall color for a cool gaming space. Gaming rooms in greyscale can have a cool industrial vibe. For added reflectivity, place silver storage baskets beneath your table.

7. Have plenty of storage space

Because gaming rooms can quickly become cluttered with technology, storage is essential. Use a variety of cabinets and shelves to provide plenty of space for display and storage. Another requirement for a well-designed gaming room is to keep cords neatly hidden.

8. Use warm natural tones.

Browns and beige can be very soothing as a base color for a gaming room. The addition of wood and woven baskets provides a nice contrast to the hard metals and plastics that are unavoidable in gaming.

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9. Decorate the walls with graphics.

As previously stated, decorating the walls of your gaming room is one way to immediately add personality to what can sometimes appear to be a generic school computer room. Don’t want to be tied down to specific gaming characters? Another option is to use wallpaper with a graphic pattern, such as one with a 3D effect.


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10. Switch to wireless.

Who wants a tangle of cables in their gaming area? It’s far better to hide the wires behind cabinets and use wireless controllers and devices whenever possible. Do you need assistance setting-up your gaming PCs in the most aesthetically pleasing and practical way possible, including cabling? Find a PC assembly expert.

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When it comes to small gaming room ideas, if you have a limited amount of space, a trick is to use a monochrome color palette. This will help to streamline everything and make it appear less cluttered.

12. Select the ideal chair

A gaming chair, like an office chair, must be ergonomically designed for extended periods of sitting. Some of the chairs on the market appear to belong in a spaceship. However, Ikea sells gaming chairs, so you can have a Scandi aesthetic in your gaming room as well.

13. Include non-gaming wall art.

Even if your space is intended for gaming, you may prefer a more subtle gaming room setup. In that case, you should remove any gaming references from the walls and replace them with soothing, unrelated wall art. Artwork and plants in macrame hangers can also help to create a relaxing atmosphere in your gaming room.


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14 Cut the table.

Because technology takes up a lot of space on its own, small gaming room ideas usually involve clever space optimization. For example, a narrow desk can easily save space because a large expanse is not required when playing computer games.

15. Include plants and lighting.

If you want to draw attention away from your electronics, adding cascading plants to an overhead shelf will create a soothing atmosphere. And lighting does not have to be solely focused on LED strips. Even if it’s just a sprinkling of fairy lights, some kind of atmospheric lighting will help with the ambiance.

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16. Dress it up

Again, for a more anti-tech gaming station, decorate it with lush plants and rustic wood. Even a mid-century-style office chair can add maturity and elegance. This is a great idea if your gaming area also serves as a home office.

17. Maintain a natural appearance

Have you got any younger gamers who are still content with playing educational games on a laptop? Or maybe you just don’t like being surrounded by a lot of flickering neon. A wood deck and stool help the gamer stay grounded and connected to nature. And the aesthetic works well if the laptop station is meant to blend in with a more natural décor style.

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Photo by Laura Davidson on Unsplash

Make your living room more technologically advanced.

A modern living room with a lot of modern technology can also function well as a gaming room. Much of the equipment can be used for both traditional media and gaming. Large screens can be used as gaming monitors, and surround sound speaker systems can provide audio for any device or console. A comfortable modular sofa is ideal for social gaming sessions.

19. Include some alternate play options.

Allow players to get up and stretch their legs by playing pool or table tennis. Combining your computer or video gaming room with traditional family games allows the entire family to play together. This may be preferable to having your X-Box players play alone in their rooms. A combination of L-shaped floor chairs and bean bags (don’t forget one for Fido) ensures that the space is extremely comfortable.

20. Limit it to one wall

Storage space is a given in gaming rooms. Instead of clogging up the walls, why not keep everything in a single floor-to-ceiling cabinet or set of bookshelves? Games, consoles, controllers, and other gaming necessities can all be easily retrieved and returned from open shelving. Consider custom shelving to ensure that you have the exact configuration you require.

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21. Keep it tidy

Put all of your gaming consoles and equipment in a storage unit. For a truly minimalist living room gaming setup, you could even conceal your screen in a cabinet. At the very least, having it wall-mounted means it will be less noticeable and will not take up any floor or furniture space.

Furthermore, selecting a gaming chair that complements your existing living room furniture will help it blend in. Especially if you choose one that can pass for a regular armchair when not in use for gaming.


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22. Choose industrial chic.

A gaming room does not have to have the appearance of a “gaming room.” It could also be styled in your preferred decorating style. For example, if you like the rustic industrial look, decorate with a lot of wood and metal. Expose timber beams or brickwork, or render a concrete wall with industrial-style lighting. It doesn’t have to conform to anyone else’s idea of a gamer setup as long as you have the necessary technology and a comfortable place to sit.

Make it a media room.

When your living room doubles as a media and gaming room, you’ll need to find permanent storage for gaming consoles and all their peripherals in addition to a large screen. A surround sound system can be built into the wall, and cables and devices can be hidden behind custom cabinetry. Find a professional to assist you in determining the best configuration for your home theater or media room.

24. Configure multiple stations

If you have a group of gamers of varying ages, they will most likely want to play different games. If you prefer that they not play video games in their bedrooms, creating a dedicated gaming zone is the way to go. The solution is to put them all in the same room, but with their own gaming stations. These could include their own consoles, screens, headphones, and sofa chairs.

25. Maintain a relaxed tone.

A pale neutral color scheme provides a fresh, clean backdrop for a more relaxed living room gaming setup. A backlit screen adds drama to the gaming experience, and when the screens are turned off, the room can be used as a general, cosy living space. An oversized, extremely comfortable sofa is a must!

So there you have it: 25 gaming room ideas ranging in aesthetic style from flashy, high-tech gaming suites to simpler, almost anti-tech tech spaces. Don’t forget that once you’ve decided on your gaming room setup, you can always find someone to assist you with the assembly. Whether it’s your desk, chair, or reimagined office furniture. So, which of these gaming room ideas most appeals to you? Please leave a comment!

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