There isn’t a single person who hasn’t heard of the sensational Netflix series The Squid Game.The show was a worldwide success, not just in South Korea. People sing the creepy song, buy pink clothes and jumpsuits that look like the main character’s outfits, create memes, and are generally obsessed with an okay show. Yes, you heard correctly: Squid games are acceptable in my opinion. However, it deserves some credit for the brilliant acting and score.

Let’s learn some fascinating facts about the infamous Squid Game. Also, there may be some spoilers, so proceed with caution.

1. Setting a World Record

The nine-episode story by Hwang Dong-hyuk debuted on Netflix on September 17. The series topped Netflix’s global ranking of the top ten most-watched shows in just ten days. On October 13, Netflix announced that Squid Game had been viewed by 111 million people in 17 days. Previously, the Bridgerton series held the record with 82 million accounts viewed in 28 days.

Squid Game for the win.
Squid Game for the win.

2. The Squid Game vs. British Schools

You can only imagine how many Red Light, Green Light games are being played in schools right now, and this is one of the show’s least dangerous kid games. The titular game, on the other hand, is far crueller. Primary school students, according to teachers, play the squid game during recess and beat up the losers. British schools are in a difficult situation, but they have decided that prohibiting students from watching the series will help. They clearly do not understand how children function.

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3. Popularity through word-of-mouth

Interestingly, the creators did not spend much money on advertising the Squid Game, but it did extremely well. All you need today is a good word-of-mouth hype train, and you’re good to go! TikTok users began clipping videos based on the series, and thus the entire world became aware of it. In addition, the hashtag # squidgame has already received over 32 billion views!

For the owners of The Kimchi in Norwich, the Squid Game on Netflix has brought back childhood memories.
For the owners of The Kimchi in Norwich, the Squid Game on Netflix has brought back childhood memories

4. Would Netflix like to play the “Squid Game” in real life?

A rumour has it that Netflix wants to host a real-life Squid Game. The rules have already been announced, and a winner has been chosen. That is, according to “they.” As a result, the game will have 456 players, just like the show. Participants will also compete for large sums of money, and the event will be broadcast live around the world. If Netflix refuses, perhaps Mr. Beast will? We’ll see, but there are a lot of people willing to help.

Would Netflix like to play the "Squid Game" in real life?

5.The script is eleven years old

Hwang Dong-hyuk, the show’s director and scriptwriter, stated that the show was inspired by his own financial problems and class inequality in South Korea. Hwang wrote the script in 2008, but the producers refused to buy it, and the project was put on hold. However, as part of its strategy to expand TV series production in foreign languages, Netflix became interested in him in 2019. It’s still difficult to believe that the script has been in storage for 11 years.

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6. The hints are hidden

It turns out that the participants were given hints prior to each test! All 456 participants shared a single room with massive bunk beds. The extra beds were removed when the players left. The images on the walls then became visible. And we could see it now: the photos depicted every single lethal game that the participants were forced to play. However, neither the players nor the majority of the viewers noticed them until they were right in front of their faces.

The hints are hidden squid game

7. The “Red Light, Green Light” doll is real.

A doll from the first episodes of the Squid Game is currently terrifying people in the Philippines. It was installed near a crosswalk in one of the shopping centres, and yes, while the traffic light is green, the giant creep stands with its back to the crowd, humming its eerie song, and when it turns red… Let’s just say you don’t want to be moving when the lights turn red.

The "Red Light, Green Light" doll is real.

8. The business card’s phone number is correct.

The phone number used by the characters to contact the masked men is shown in the Squid Game. The show’s creators thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to just pick random digits, but little did they know, those digits were a real number that a Songju city resident had been using for over ten years. The poor woman’s phone began to ring nonstop, day and night! She estimated that there were over 10,000 calls per day. The number is fixed, or will be in the show, but the woman was asked if she wanted to sell it for around $85,000. She, on the other hand, refused, claiming she was already attached to it.

Squid game The business card's phone number is correct.

9.Heo Yeon Jung becomes an Instagram sensation at the age of nine.

HoYeon Jung, a 27-year-old South Korean model, made her acting debut in The Squid Game as Kang Sae-byeok. Her Instagram following grew from a few hundred thousand to over 20.1 million in three weeks after the series‘ release!

Heo Yeon Jung becomes an Instagram sensation at the age of nine.

10.MC Escher’s aesthetics

The strange-looking staircase in the show is reminiscent of the famous painting by Dutch artist MC Escher. The lithograph depicts a perplexing world that defies gravity and mess with your mind. By the way, the series’ guards in red suits are very reminiscent of Escher’s world’s faceless people.

MC Escher's aesthetics Squid game

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