Setting up a gaming station in a larger room is simple, but it becomes much more difficult when you have very little space and a full desk to set up.

A bedroom is one such room in your house or apartment that could pose a problem if you want to turn it into a full-fledged battle station.

That’s because your bedroom may already have a lot of things taking up floor space, and creating a new space for your gaming desk will be difficult.

But don’t be concerned about your cramped quarters!

Here’s some good news if you want your small bedroom gaming setup to look like some of the best gaming room setups out there.

I’ve compiled a fantastic list of 10+ unique desk setup ideas for a small bedroom gaming room that are ideal for your specific requirements.

Because each gamer has different needs and unique room space, the following setup ideas are only those that were chosen for their gaming setups.

Simply take these small bedroom gaming room setup ideas as inspiration and upgrade your bedroom in the manner depicted.

Let’s get this party started.

10+ Insightful Small Bedroom Gaming Room Designs

Here are 10+ PC gaming desk setup ideas for small bedrooms, including cool, retro, modern, and other styles.

Choose one of the setups that appealed to you the most and is appropriate for your setup requirements, and begin building your own battle station.

1. A Full Gaming Design for Small Spaces

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Setting up a gaming desk in your small bedroom may have several consequences, but if you go with this style, you can efficiently utilize a single inch of your bedroom.

All you’ll need is a long rectangular desk against the wall, a wall-mounted monitor stand, an IKEA pegboard, and floating shelves to get started.

All of the gaming accessories and decorative items will be stored on your long desk and wall storage section, leaving enough floor space for the chair to work.

2. Desk Setup with Monitor Mounted on a Stand

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Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

This gaming desk setup is an incredible inspiration if you want to set up a functional desk in your bedroom with fewer desk accessories.

All you’ll need is a standard desk with storage drawers, a monitor stand, and a floating shelf attached to the wall directly above your monitor.

Now, using the monitor stand, raise the monitor from the desktop surface, and all desk and decoration will be moved to the storage sections.

You can also add ambient lighting effects to your setup by placing LED strip lights behind the desk, PC tower, and monitor’s back.

3. An L-shaped desk with two monitors

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Whether you believe me or not! You don’t have to be a DIY genius to create a fully functional gaming room in your small bedroom.

An l-shaped gaming desk will allow you to do this very effectively, making this one of the best small game room ideas on a budget.

All you need to do is purchase an l-shaped gaming desk with a storage drawer and then set up your gaming rigs and gaming accessories right here.

This way, you can create a complete gaming setup attached to your bed without compromising or removing your room’s belongings. That was all you required.

4. The ideal combination of a gaming desk and a chair

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Best gaming desks 2021 | Windows Central

If you’re just starting out with your small bedroom gaming room, a small desk and an office chair without arms might suffice.

The goal of this arrangement is for the desk and chair to take up less floor space in your bedroom and to be easily placed adjacent to your bed.

When you’re not working at the desk, the chair will be under the desk because it doesn’t have an arm and can be easily placed there. Isn’t that right?

5. Gaming Configuration for Small Spaces with a Standing Desk

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Minimal battlestation | Gaming desk setup, Computer desk setup, Desk setup

Because of its shorter dimensions, a standing desk could be a good option for setting up the gaming station, especially in a small space.

So, if you’re trying to fit your gaming station into a small space in your bedroom, consider purchasing a standing desk and storing your peripherals here.

This will also allow you to switch between sitting and standing positions while gaming, which is beneficial for healthy gameplay.

The only stipulation is that your gaming setup have fewer accessories because these desks can’t support a lot of weight.

6. A Clutter-Free Gaming Setup in a Small Amount of Space

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If you want to set up a gaming desk in your bedroom but don’t have enough space for a long desk, organizing the cables and other items can help.

Set up the PC and gaming accessories on your small table, and neatly manage the cords of the PC devices so that they are not visible to the eyes.

A well-organized workspace not only looks clean, but it also efficiently clears the necessary spaces, freeing up desk space.

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There is nothing more exciting and enjoyable than having your gaming desk right beside your bed; it is well worth it, especially for a female gamer.

So, if you want to set up a gaming station in your bedroom but only have your feet side wall left, you can make good use of that space.

Place your long gaming desk so that it reaches the corner, and organize all of your desk accessories here, some on a floating shelf, and come under the drawers.

This configuration will take up only the backside of the room without obstructing access to other areas of the room, leaving the mid and front-side areas open.

8. Minimalist Gaming Desk Underneath the Loft Bed

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Urban High Sleeper Console Gaming Bed with Built-In Gaming Desk – Family Window

If you have a loft bed in your bedroom, you have the option of sharing the space beneath your loft bed for a gaming setup.

You can build a fully functional battle station as well as a functional battle station, but the size of your gaming station will be determined by the amount of space available beneath your loft bed.

If you have a small amount of space, use a tiny desk that will fit under your loft bed. This small desk will give you a good surface to set up your gaming rigs.

9 Setup Saves Area by Using a Vertically Aligned Monitor

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When it comes to creating a dual monitor setup on a small desk, another option is to align the second monitor vertically.

This configuration will free up some much-needed desk space for other gaming or work-related necessities, resulting in increased productivity.

With this type of desk setup, you can make the most of your small desktop surface while also reaping the benefits of dual monitors.

10 Hidden Gaming Desk in Gaming Room

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A Milton-area family’s basement reno creates a full-on fun zone that includes a secret gaming room and theatre with popcorn

If you have a closet in your bedroom and have limited floor space, you have the option of converting your closet into a gaming station.

I know it sounds strange, but there is an obvious way to use your closet as a gaming desk and maximize your bedroom space.

All you have to do is move your closet items to the upper section or leave it completely empty to avoid any disruption during gameplay.

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